Covid-19 Response

As a chapter, AGO Xi is taking the Covid-19 pandemic extremely seriously. As Christians we are called to protect those around us and have compassion for all, and in this time that means being vigilant about preventing the spread of this virus both when we meet as a chapter and in our own daily lives. We want to continue to build Christian community, enjoy the brotherhood of our chapter, and run a rush to bring in new members, but all of this must happen in a way that is safe and sets an example for our community.

CU Boulder Covid Status: Partly online semester, freshmen on campus, all-online after Thanksgiving

IFC on the Hill Status: Moratorium on all social events. Rush is currently allowed, but all city and state regulations and laws must be respected. These restrictions include things listed below and restrictions on event attendance and size.

Xi Chapter Policies:

  • All meetings and events will be held in a way that respects and follows all of our university, city, and state policies regarding social distancing and hygiene. If a university, city, or state policy is stricter than any of the following policies, then that stricter policy will be followed.
  • Masks and social distancing are required during meeting.
  • Meetings and some events will be ideally held in person if possible, if allowed by the city, if allowed by AGO nationals, and if the Xi exec board deems it safe to do so.
  • Anyone who is concerned about coming to an event or meetings in person should discuss remote options with the president or pledge-master.
  • If anyone is experiencing symptoms or has come into contact with someone with Covid-19 recently, they will attend chapter meetings remotely via Zoom and not attend any event in person.
  • Temperature checks before every meeting or event.
  • Social distance during meetings and events is mandatory.
  • Attendees should sit every-other chair to keep social distance.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available freely, with everyone sanitizing before meeting.