What is Alpha Gamma Omega?

We are the Christian fraternity at the University of Colorado Boulder affiliated with the Independent Inter-Fraternity Council. We represent the Xi chapter of Alpha Gamma Omega.

The fraternity was founded in California on February 15th, 1927.

Alpha Gamma Omega strives for excellence in spiritual growth, leadership, and most importantly brotherhood. Here at Alpha Gamma Omega we place a strong focus on brotherhood and take it step further than just having clothing with our letters or simply saying, “I’m in a fraternity”. We are not your average fraternity and hope you will take a leap to decide for yourself.

Our Purposes

Six purposes compose the foundation of our fraternity those being

  1. To win others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
  2. To promote Christian fellowship
  3. To present Christian ideals in word and deed
  4. To search reverently for the truth
  5. To uphold the traditions and ideals of university
  6. To deepen the spiritual live of the members

Beyond Alpha Gamma Omega?

We believe in “Fraternity for Eternity.”

While many students only have the opportunity to be in a fraternity during their few years in university. Being a member in Alpha Gamma Omega is a privilege and opens up amazing opportunities after one moves on. We have had members that have been called to share the gospel in other countries, impact others through medicine, pursue leadership in youth ministries, and that’s just the beginning.

Equally important, this fraternity is rewarding beyond words. It inspires you and challenges you to be the best. We seek genuine men of God and value that more than anything.

What is RUSH and how to JOIN?

Come as you are. In order to join we wish that you take part in Rush. Rush is a period of time that we open our doors and hearts to welcome anyone interested in joining the brotherhood by hosting some awesome events. Rush in the Fall semester begins in early September! In the Spring, it is January / February. Rush is a chance for you to hang out and take part in activities outside of a campus setting. If you’d like to meet a Brother for some lunch (on us) or on a zoom call, please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message and we will get back to you!

All Rush events are FREE and an amazing opportunity to experience the BROTHERHOOD.

Check them out here: RUSH EVENTS