Rush Alpha Gamma Omega


What is Rush?

Rush is two weeks during the beginning of each semester where the brothers of AGO welcome new members! First and foremost, Rush is fun & FREE! These events give you the opportunity to meet the Brothers and to learn about AGO! Secondly, it is not a commitment to join. It is a time for us to get to know each other before potential members make a decision on joining this life-long fraternity. It only happens twice a year, so don’t miss an opportunity to attend an event! Spring 2022 Rush will be the BIGGEST & BEST in AGO Xi History!


Alpha Gamma Omega is committed to creating a safe environment to connect like-minded men. All events will be in accordance with national, state, local, and university mandates.

Please RSVP by filling out the form (with your school email) so we can make sure to accommodate everyone!

All events are completely free!

Hope to see you there! If you would like to meet a member of AGO before official RUSH begins (February 8th – 15th) contact us below; we’d love to get together and buy you food. Contact us if you have any questions! Please RSVP to events by filling the form above or…

Email us at [email protected]

Or just shoot a text to:

Pledge Master: Luke “Oasis” Arnold ~ (605) 868-1545


For most events off-campus, rides will be leaving from the C4C Parking Lot 15 minutes prior to the event start time.

Tuesday 2/8: AGO 101 & Game Night

5-7 pm | Location: Meet @ C4C

This first event will serve as an important introduction to our fraternity values, members, and an overview of the pledge semester! Make sure to brush up on your Catan skills, because this will be followed by a night of intense board gaming.

Wednesday 2/9: The A(GO)mazing Race

5-6:30 pm | Location: C4C Dining Center

Event so nice, you do it thrice. Join us for the third annual AGO Scavenger Hunt! Explore the depths of CU Boulder faster than your competitors, and you may just come away with a prize.

Thursday 2/10: Bowling and Laser Tag

5-7 pm | Location: Chipper’s Lanes Broomfield

For this event, we head to Chipper’s Lanes for a little bit of bowling, a little bit of laser tag, and a little bit of nachos. Rides will leave C4C at 4:45 pm.

Friday 2/11: Glow in the Dark Frolf

7-8:30 pm | Location: C4C Dining Center

Have you ever thought to yourself, “what if CU Boulder was a disc golf course?” If so, your question will be answered on Friday! We’ll be tossing frisbees into goals all around campus, and we can’t wait for you to join us.

Saturday 2/12: Ice Skating

10:15-11:30 am | Ice Centre @ the Promenade

This event is centered around the stuff in Joe Burrow’s veins: ice. We’ll be heading to the Ice Centre @ the Promenade, and if you need a ride, we’ll pick you up at the C4C at 10 am.

Saturday 2/12: AGO’s Exquisite Evening

6-9 pm | We’ll pick you up!

Prepare to be chauffeured to an absolutely exquisite evening hosted by the gentlemen of AGO. We’ll dazzle you with our cooking, wow you with our politeness, and flabergast you with our dapperness. If possible, dress fancy!

Sunday 2/13: Church & Sports

10-11 am | Church @ Ascent Community Church

11:30 am-1:30 pm | Sports @ CU Rec Center

Church in the morning, sports in the early afternoon, and all in time for you to get to your Super Bowl party by the evening. Rides will leave from the C4C at 9:45 am.

Tuesday 2/15: TopGolf Pref Night

7-9 pm | Location: Top Golf Thornton

In the final AGO Rush event, we drive to TopGolf in Thornton for a night of delicious food and terrible golf drives. Our eldest member, Cooper “Dev” Schaefer, will be playing with a softball bat the entire evening.

(This event is Invite Only so make sure you reach out, fill out the RSVP form, or attend another event! Rides leave C4C at 6:30 pm)