Rush Alpha Gamma Omega


What is Rush?

Rush is two weeks during the beginning of each semester where the brothers of AGO welcome new members! First and foremost, rush is fun & FREE! These events give you the opportunity to meet the Brothers and to learn about AGO! Secondly, it is not a commitment to join. It is a time for us to get to know each other before potential members make a decision on joining this life-long fraternity. It only happens twice a year, so don’t miss an opportunity to attend an event! Fall 2020 Rush will be the BIGGEST & BEST in AGO Xi History!


Alpha Gamma Omega is committed to creating a safe environment to connect like minded men. All events will be in accordance to national, state, local, and university mandates. Currently, there are no restrictions for vaccinated individuals. If you are not vaccinated and would like to rush, please reach out and we will gladly accommodate to your circumstances.

Please RSVP so we can make sure to accommodate for everyone! Current Link is for Spring 2021.

All events are completely free!

Hope to see you there! If you would like to meet a member of AGO before official RUSH begins (Sept 5th – 14th) contact us below; we’d love to get together and buy you food. Contact us if you have any questions! Please RSVP to events by filling the form above or…

Email us at [email protected]

Or just shoot a text to:

Pledge Master: Sam “Dipper” Carruthers ~ (720) 382-0823

Rush Chair: Alexander “Encore” Karas ~ (303) 349-5341


Sunday 9/5: Church + Cookout (10am-2pm)

This “Pre-Rush” Event will consist of going to church together at Ascent Community Church (rides leave C4C at 9:30am). After church, there will be a cookout at the AGO House (ask for address).

Tuesday 9/7: AGO 101 + Board Games (Nighttime)

This first event will serve as an important introduction to our fraternity values, members, and an overview of the pledge semester! Then we fill finish the night with some online gaming! Please RSVP so the zoom link can be sent to you!

Wednesday 9/8: TBD (Nighttime)

Event TBD (Activity/Bible Event)

Thursday 9/9: TBD (Nighttime)

Event TBD (Activity/Competition Event)

Friday 9/10: TBD (Nighttime)

Event TBD (Activity/Challenge Event)

Saturday 9/11: TBD (Morning/Afternoon)

Event TBD (Activity/Outdoor Event)

Saturday 9/11: TBD (Night)

Event TBD (Activity/Game Event)

Sunday 9/12: Church with AGO (10am-12pm)

We will attend a church service together! This will be a message from one of our favorite places to attend, Ascent Community Church! Have a Bible ready, as we will have a short discussion afterwards!

Sunday 9/12: TBD (Afternoon)

Event TBD (Activity/Outdoor Event)

Monday 9/13: Rushees Choice (All Day)

Rushees get to choose their favorite location for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and we will coordinate with 1-2 active brothers to get whatever food you want and get to know you over better!

Tuesday 9/14: Pref Night – Chick-Fil-A & Top Golf (TBD)

Invite Only